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Mega hope DIS play more from Widowmaker at Temples Fest. I’m in the mood for having my mental state absolutely fucked with and destroyed.

I’ve been fangirling like fuck over them recently after a couple of years of distancing myself and fuck have I missed what they do to me. Lying on my bed for hours with WM on repeat is perfection.

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"Ill make my own patch."

*messes up on first letter*

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Fluo People

by Alexander Roshchin

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Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Besaid Island

It all began when I saw this sphere of you.

There is no such thing as alms or sacrifice or offering. There is neither fruit nor result of good or evil deeds…A human being is built up of four elements. When he dies the earthly in him returns and relapses to the earth, the fluid to the water, the heat to the fire, the wind to the air, and his faculties pass into space. The four bearers, on the bier as a fifth, take his dead body away; till they reach the burning ground, men utter forth eulogies, but there his bones are bleached, and his offerings end in ashes. It is a doctrine of fools, this talk of gifts. It is an empty lie, mere idle talk, when men say there is profit herein. Fools and wise alike, on the dissolution of the body, are cut off, annihilated, and after death they are not.

Ajita Kesakambali

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